The Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer (covering 1979 – 2009) is out. The good news is that overall death rates for some of the biggest killers continues to decline. The bad news is that deaths from cancers caused by infectious agents like HPV and hepatitis-C are up; doubling in some cases. Get your daughters, and sons, vaccinated.

It took several decades but the egg has now been cleared on the charges of murder by heart attack and stroke.

It also took decades to clear caffeinated coffee on all charges of murder by cancer. Now drinking 4+ cups per day has been shown to cut your risk of some cancers by half.

Many common food ingredients have been scientifically demonstrated to double or halve, and often double and halve, your risk of cancer. Click here to find out why.

The human breast milk microbiome is far more diverse than previously imagined and it’s composition is impacted by factors such as obesity and Cesarean delivery. Could it be that her microbes, rather than a mother’s genes, are to blame for her obese children? Could it be that it’s the absence of certain breast microbes in mothers who underwent Cesarean delivery that’s responsible for the increased risk of asthma in their children?

In the past, proponents of the Precautionary Principle have tended to deny that hormesis exists. As the evidence in favor of hormesis has gotten harder to ignore their narrative has changed to (1) it hasn’t been shown to be the sort of general phenomenon that would permit an inference of hormesis for all toxins and (2) too little is known about the mechanism to permit its incorporation in to risk models.